A Worthwhile Investment

A mini-split system from Bountiful HVAC is a good investment for all types of weather. It can keep you cool during the hot summer months or warm during the cold days of winter. Mini-splits are great options for those who are looking for zoned temperature control. What does this mean? Well, when you have a mini-split system, you can better control the temperature of each room compared to a traditional HVAC or air conditioning unit. In this article, we’ll go over the many benefits that you can get from a mini-split setup.

Affordable on all Fronts

One of the things that make mini splits a great alternative to cool or heat your home is their affordability. You can get a good size mini split for your home at a price that fits your budget. Moreover, aside from it being affordable at the upfront cost, it also comes out cheap at a monthly rate. In fact, because you’ll have more control over the temperatures in your home, you are sure to notice the difference in energy savings.

Easier to Install

Installing HVAC systems can come out costly. However, it is necessary when you want to cool or heat a big home. The HVAC system uses ducts throughout the house and can be a big hassle to install. On the other hand, a mini-split is ideal for smaller homes (or stubborn rooms where an existing HVAC system doesn’t reach) because they don’t use ducts. The installation process is fast and easy. Moreover, because you won’t spend any extra money on installation, you will end up saving more. And Bountiful HVAC has installed hundreds of mini-splits all over Utah. We’re mini-split pros!

How Zoning Works

Zoning each room to a preferred temperature is convenient for everyone. If you like the living room cool, you can set it to your preferred temperature. However, if someone else in your family likes the kitchen warmer, they will also be able to select the temperature to their personal preference. If a room in the house can’t seem to have the perfect balance in temperature, rest assured that you won’t have that problem with a mini-split system.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

A mini-split system is considered to be more efficient than other options because it doesn’t use ducts. The mini-split will deliver the air straight to your room. It won’t travel through an entire system of ducts. Also, you are using your mini split to control the temperature of one room at a time instead of an entire house. Since the mini-split is efficient, it won’t use as much energy. If you’re not using a room, you can simply turn off that part of the system. As it uses less energy, this will contribute to the environment’s well-being. Finally, the mini split also removes excess humidity in a room, which can help temperature control. Rest assured that a mini-split system is a good choice when you want to cool or heat your home. Contact Bountiful HVAC and ask for Bret to get all of your mini-split questions answered!